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A self coaching workbook


‘Bliss’ is a self coaching workbook to discover a working life… and life... that is uniquely your own.


‘Bliss’ is written by Larrie Winzar, and is 170 pages of information and wisdom and will appeal to all ages and stages from 15 - 85+.

This workbook will interact with a journal of your choice, allowing you to record answers to a series of questions, reflective exercises, articles and quotes.


‘Bliss’... living with passion and purpose.

About Me

Life  |  Career  |  Protirement


Coaching has an almost magical element when it comes to making changes in your life because positive change can happen quickly.


Coaching can apply to any area or issue in your life and guides you from where you are to where you want to be. Coaching is future focussed and doesn’t dwell in the past.


Larrie has been coaching for over 35 years.  Through engaging in a 1/1 meaningful conversation, coaching quickly gets to the heart of an issue which leads to clarity and action.


Larrie has the proven ability to quickly build rapport with clients, setting the scene to ask relevant and intelligent questions of her clients, listening carefully to their answers, whilst also intuitively reading between the lines, to ascertain the next question or strategy required to move the discussion forward.


Larrie is also highly experienced and qualified to use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® to assist clients to gain more self awareness and confidence in being themselves.


Coaching... taking you from where you are to where you want to be.



Larrie’s warm, engaging coaching style flows easily into her facilitation of workshops for small or larger groups.

The emphasis is on well-being and creating a “feel-good” workshop for participants with conversations, inspiration, humour and strategies.  

My bliss is inspiring, empowering and encouraging others to follow their bliss in life and work.

We already celebrate weddings and commemorate a life well lived at funerals.  Ceremonies for Life’s Milestones is an opportunity to celebrate, or commemorate, life’s many other milestone events.


Individual ceremonies will be created to make your milestone event meaningful and memorable. 

Your ceremony may form part of a bigger celebration, e.g, dinner or party.

Ceremonies are held in your venue of choice.


Ceremonies for

Life's Milestones


About Larrie

Larrie Winzar is one of Australia's most experienced Career & Life Coaches, having been coaching long before life and career coaching was a "thing".

With more than 35 years experience, and formal qualifications in Coaching, Mentoring, Leadership, Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (personality profiling), NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), and Interior Design, Larrie has coached thousands of people to live their best life.

Larrie’s warm, engaging style will inspire, empower and encourage you.

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