Retirement Coaching

Who Benefits from Retirement Coaching?

Anyone who wants a happy, meaningful retirement will benefit from Retirement Coaching.

Retirement is so much more than just a financial decision.  It needs to be sustainable on many levels. 

Beyond golf or travelling when you first retire, what will you choose to do?  What do you really want?

There are so many options.  To stay living where you are, to move, to where?  To travel and to where?  To work or start a business?  To be a carer?  To study?  To volunteer?  To use your considerable life accrued talents?  Pursue something that’s been on the back burner for a long time?  All options; all possibilities.

Along with the options, there are many other considerations – family, friends, finance, health, ambitions, preparing for the unexpected.


Retirement Coaching enables you to become clear on what you really want, whether you are “one” or “a couple”. 

Retirement Coaching involves deep conversations, reflective exercises, strategies and tools.  


Larrie continues to work in retirement (protirement) and loves that her coaching vocation has seamlessly moved through her 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, and looks forward to sharing information, knowledge and wisdom in her 70’s and 80’s too. 

After a couple of retirement coaching sessions, you’ll become inspired and motivated about living a fulfilling retirement…. your way.

“The purpose of life is to discover your talents and gifts; the meaning comes when you share those talents and gifts.”