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Ceremonies For Life's Milestones

We already celebrate weddings and commemorate a life well lived at funerals.  Ceremonies for Life’s Milestones is an opportunity to celebrate, or commemorate, life’s many other milestone events.


Individual ceremonies will be created to make your milestone event meaningful and memorable. 

Larrie is highly experienced with speaking engagements and facilitation developed throughout her career and in her many leadership roles.. 

Original, meaningful… always professional.   Whether you prefer a light-hearted ceremony or one with a serious focus, Larrie will design it in collaboration with you, to suit your individual requirements for the occasion.

Ideas might include:

  • Milestone anniversaries and birthdays

  • Family reunions

  • Graduations

  • Empty nest

  • New career

  • A great health outcome

  • A new beginning

  • Starting a business

  • Engagement

  • Travel

  • New home

  • Retirement

       ... the possibilities are endless.


"Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead."


- Nelson Mandela

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