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About Larrie Winzar

Larrie Winzar is one of Australia’s most experienced Career and Life Coaches, having been coaching long before career and life coaching was a “thing” and even before appropriate coaching qualifications existed.

As qualifications in the field became available, Larrie jumped at the opportunity to stay current in the field she had become passionate about. 


Larrie has lived and worked in Perth, Bendigo and now lives and works in Point Lonsdale on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria. 


Larrie’s approach to life and work has always been very individual and she often zigs when others zag.  She thinks creatively.  Larrie lived in Bendigo for 46 years and, during the past 35 years, Larrie has coached thousands of clients to follow their bliss in life and work to create more meaning and purpose in their lives. 

Coaching initially developed during the 10 years in her innovative, private recruitment practice.  Always creative, intuitive, empathetic and strategic, Larrie then created Follow Your Bliss 20 years ago, a business specially focused on Career Coaching which organically developed to include Life Coaching.  She also incorporated Workplace Coaching workshops based on her unique coaching model. 

Larrie’s personal style has been described by others as warm, engaging, happy, empowering, authentic, confidential, inspiring, creative, caring, empathetic, enthusiastic, deep listener, intuitive, knowledgeable and wise. 


She quickly builds rapport with clients from all walks of life.  Larrie is inspired and humbled to be invited into clients’ lives, at often vulnerable times for them, and they truly value her confidentiality and warmth, humour and wisdom. 

Far from being drained after a coaching session, Larrie is energised and inspired by the enthusiasm of her clients to make positive changes.  In addition to her professional qualifications and experience, Larrie has always “walked the talk” and “lives the areas in which she coaches”.

In her working life Larrie has had over 30 jobs, including casual roles, and 5 businesses, 4 of which she created.


In her community life, Larrie has been a member of numerous clubs, on a variety of committees and held a number of leadership roles including Presidency of the Rotary Club of Bendigo in 2000/01 and 2015/16.  Larrie has been a Rotarian for 31 years and retains a current membership with the Rotary Club of Bendigo,  Larrie was also was a member of Zonta for 20 years.

From a home perspective, Larrie has designed two beautifully individual, small homes for herself in Bendigo and recently in Point Lonsdale.  She and her family have lived in numerous homes, renovating and revamping to suit.  She has also assisted clients with de-cluttering their homes… and her own… to live a more simple life.

Larrie is now working in retirement (what she calls protirement) and balances that with very close connections to her family and broad circle of friends, quiet time by the beach, yoga, writing, reading, photography, sketching/watercolour, current affairs, home and gardening and sharing her home with frequent house guests. Larrie’s coastal life is one of simplicity and joy.

Larrie created an “adult gap year” for herself in 2017/18 where she added to her extensive leisure and community international travel, rented and had house sitting stints in Point Lonsdale whilst her new home was being built, continued writing and creating new friendships.


With a love of writing, and enjoyment of sharing information, knowledge and wisdom through writing, Larrie has written hundreds of articles published in various print media in Bendigo.  Her first book has recently been launched and is available through this website.


Larrie’s life work, or vocation, developed through various jobs, careers and businesses.  It was very organic and certainly wasn’t planned.  It was 20 years ago that she discovered her passion and vocation… inspiring, empowering, encouraging and motivating clients to live and work incorporating their skills, knowledge, values, talents, passion and personality… everything that creates opportunities for happiness.

Larrie has encapsulated the essence, as well as the practical strategies and exercises, that it takes to create meaningful work and a purposeful life. 

As well as coaching and facilitating workshops throughout the Bellarine Peninsula, Geelong and the Great Ocean Road, Larrie also regularly travels a well trodden track through villages and towns in Central Victoria to Bendigo - to work and visit family and friends.  Clients can choose where/how to have their appointments... perhaps in person in their home town or a phone coaching session or an appointment on the Bellarine.  A variety of choices to make coaching with Larrie an easy option, no matter where you live.

When you’re ready to live the life you really want to live, a phone call or email to Larrie is your first step.


NLP Practitioner 

MBTI® accredited  

Dip. Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring

Dip. of Interior Design

Your smile is your logo,

Your personality is your business card,

How you leave others feeling after they have an experience with you is your trademark.

- Jay Danzie

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