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About Follow Your Bliss

“Follow Your Bliss” Career & Life Coaching was created in 2000 by sole practitioner/coach, Larrie Winzar.

Originally in Bendigo, and since 2018 in Point Lonsdale, Victoria, Larrie has coached thousands of clients, through individual career coaching, life coaching and workshops. 

Since moving to Point Lonsdale, the business focus is still very much on career coaching, life coaching and workshops… with three other elements now having been incorporated into Larrie’s coaching.

  • Protirement Coaching

  • Home Coaching

  • Ceremonies For Life’s Milestones


With Larrie’s focus on happiness (happy as Larrie!) for clients, and individual self awareness and personal development, Protirement Coaching goes to the third of life after a career.  Home Coaching increases self awareness of where and how we choose to live and why.  Ceremonies For Life’s Milestones invites us to pause and celebrate or commemorate milestones that might otherwise simply slip by our consciousness.

Career Coaching and Life Coaching have always been the centrepiece of Follow Your Bliss with deep conversations about what really matters. 


Flourishing and MBTI® Workshops are an opportunity for a full or half day  life coaching workshop for groups.

There are optional venues for all coaching, including in the privacy of your own home.  Workshops are held at a venue convenient to the business or community group. 

As a community minded business, Follow Your Bliss also generously offers heavily discounted coaching to people unable to pay the normal fees to help them get “unstuck”, and also presents Flourishing Workshops as fundraising events.

Larrie’s first book ‘Bliss’, a self-coaching workbook is currently to available to purchase through this website.

The Follow Your Bliss vision is to inspire, empower, encourage and motivate people to follow their bliss in life and work.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” 

- Mahatma Gandhi

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