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Who Benefits from Career Coaching?

Career Coaching

Do any of the following scenarios apply to you?  If so, you’ll benefit from Career Coaching.

  • Feeling stuck?

  • Mondayitis every day?

  • No sense of meaning or purpose in your current work?

  • No idea what career path to take?

  • Thinking there must be something better?

  • Unhappy or stressed at work?

  • Tried a few jobs and nothing working?

  • Wanting to make a positive difference?

  • Not able to use your creativity at work?

  • Perhaps there’s a business idea that you want to talk about?

  • Wanting to be happy and successful?

Coaching involves deep 1:1 conversations about what really matters

Do you fit into these categories?  If so, you’ll benefit from Career Coaching:

  • Anyone who’s stuck around any career issue

  • Men and women of all ages and stages of their working life

  • Those wanting a complete change of career

  • Deciding what to do now that the children are at school/left home

  • Losing your job

  • Assistance with job applications, Resumes, Key Selection Criteria and interview strategies

  • Returning to work after a long break


  • Young people deciding on a career direction

  • Students deciding on work experience opportunities

  • Young professionals struggling at work


  • Perhaps starting or buying a business is on the agenda

  • Artisans wishing to make their creativity into a business

  • Wanting to create a portfolio of different income streams


  • Leadership issues
  • Struggling with managing a team

  • Disenchantment with management

  • People who are struggling physically, mentally or emotionally in their current line of work

  • Those experiencing stress or pressure at work

  • Those wanting more balance in their life

  • Communication or conflict issues


Career Coaching assists people to get unstuck and to move in a positive direction through insightful questions that quickly get to the heart of the issue being addressed. 

We all have the resources within us to create solutions and, with Larrie listening carefully to your answers, the questions that follow lead to greater clarity.  It is through this process that the client is empowered and encouraged and develops the ability and confidence to be able to resolve career challenges of the future as they arise.

Career Coaching with Larrie achieves results quickly because we start where you are, rather than going over the past. 

"Ah-ha" moments present quickly and effortlessly.

Career Coaching takes you from where you are to where you want to be.  As your Career Coach, Larrie Winzar has no vested interest in the outcome, except for you to be a happy, satisfied client, who now has the confidence to move forward.

There are hundreds of strategies and tools in Larrie’s career coaching toolbox, developed and accumulated over the past 30 years.  Relevant ones for each client are shared, enabling her client to confidently proceed in a positive direction.  The magic of coaching with Larrie is that, as well has being a highly respected, experienced coach, she happily shares strategies, tools, information, knowledge and wisdom with her clients. 

Each client leaves the career coaching session with “home play” or homework if you prefer.  Completing these reflective exercises at home, between sessions, create more opportunities for clarity beyond the benefits of the coaching session.

You’ll love career coaching with Larrie Winzar.  Inspiring!

The cost of not following your heart,

is spending the rest of your life wishing you had.

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“Thank you for coaching me through my decision to change jobs.  It was really good to understand and articulate my work and life values.  Your coaching and gentle direction also helped me realise my skills and strengths and this gave me confidence in preparing my application, responding to questions in the interview and negotiating at the job offer stage.” 

- "40 something" professional

"The conversations I had with you, and tasks you had me complete to reflect on my strengths and abilities have proven really valuable. Not only have they highlighted things to me, they have also given me greater confidence to express them. Thank you!"

- Aged Care Consultant

“It has been nearly ten months since I first decided to follow my bliss…....        

I finally have a new career path and direction in life thanks to Follow Your Bliss”  

- 30 year old professional

embarking on self employment.

“Before seeing you, I had absolutely no idea what career I wanted…..thanks again for coaching me to find my direction.”  

- 17 year old student

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